Keep Calm and Read a Book

Monday’s post was my 50th blog post!  Yeah, me!!  I started this blog in June.  It was something I had wanted to do for a long time and finally did!  I have thoroughly enjoyed Give Me One More Chapter and have realized a few things about myself while writing this blog.  Here are some revelations . . . surprising and not so surprising . . . that I have learned about myself.

Reading is REALLY important to me
I read . . . a lot!  I mean, I always have a book with me (you know, in case there is a zombie apocalypse) but I have realized that I don’t just like to read, but I need to read.  Books provide for me a place to relax, an escape from whatever is bothering me, and a time for me to be selfish.  I have also found that I don’t blog about everything I read.  I always have a number of books going simultaneously; it is the ones that I can’t put down for another one that I write about.

Blog writing is a lot harder than I thought
I read.  I write.  But, writing about what you read is more challenging that I thought.  I find that I have to go back and check details about the stories, but I also have found that it makes me read more closely.  As I have mentioned, I read a lot and I am a very fast reader.  However, I know that my reading speed often makes me miss details.  I get so excited and involved in the story that I just have to find out what happens next!!  Because I know that I will be writing about what I read, I am forced to slow down so I don’t miss things and I think my enjoyment of the story is greater as a result.

I have made connections with a lot of people
I have met a few fellow book bloggers through this writing process.  It is so great to converse with them; there are other book nerds out there!!  I have also had the opportunity to chat with some of my favorite authors.  This is a huge thrill for me; I kind of go a little fan-girl here!  Most of the writers I have had the opportunity to exchange notes with have been more than delightful.  As a reader, it is great to let authors know how much you appreciate their work, and also, it lets readers know that the authors appreciate them!  On the same note, I can’t begin to tell you what a thrill it is when I get a “like” or comment on my own posts.  When someone “follows” me, it completely makes my day!!

I feel a lot less guilty when I buy new books
It’s research.  It’s for my job . . . okay, so I don’t get paid, but still.  These are the excuses I give myself and my husband!  Thanks, honey!  He knew I was a book junkie when we married.  But seriously, when I see a book that I think I might want to read, I ask myself if I might also want to write about it.  I also find that I am sharing books I write about with friends.  It definitely makes it worth the purchase if I can share it!  Now . . . if anyone has an suggestions as to how I could make some money doing this . . .  I would definitely put the funds to a good cause – more books!!

Thanks for the support and encouragement and Happy Reading!


One thought on “Four THINGS I’VE LEARNED BY WRITING A BLOG on Friday


    Kristin, Keep up the good work. I really enjoy hearing about all these new books and it helps a lot on my library trips!



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