Happy 2016

Happy New Year!!  No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth; just a very busy holiday season with my family.  The good news is that I have been reading a lot and looking forward to sharing many new book ideas with you.  I’ve also been working on a few other surprises to add into the mix.  But for now, in honor of 2016, I am going share my New Year Reading Resolutions.


I know, I know.  I already read a lot!  However, if I seriously look at my day, I spend a fair amount of time wasted on my phone – checking Facebook, searching IMDB, and my biggest addiction, Solitaire!  I find that I will hear that sound – the notification of an email or text – and immediately grab for the phone.  After I delete the junk mail or respond to the text, I am sucked in by the ease and mindless activity of the phone.  My time, and my mind, could be much better served by reading.  I always have a book handy, so I vow to pick up the book, and not the phone, when I have a few spare moments.

Write MORE
I really, really enjoy writing.  I find though that it is often hard to get myself started.  My son wrote for a website and would publish two to three articles a day, and I was always amazed at how easy it was for him.  I know that writing more makes a person a better writer and I need to commit time each day to dedicate to my writing.  I have found that as I read books, I am more aware of things that I want to mention in my commentary and that has also helped to jump start my writing.

Allow myself to break-up with some books . . . and writers
I am a 50-page reader; if the book doesn’t grab me in 50 pages, I will let it go.  I am usually really good by this rule except when I am reading books from a series in which I have read previous books.  Many times I find myself skimming to the end of the book just because I feel that I have an investment in the series.  Once I do that, I am frustrated that I wasted my time and I won’t write any commentary on a book that I finished half-heartedly.  So, if a series no longer holds my interest or hasn’t maintained a level of quality that I would like, I am allowing myself to break it off.

Stretch my reading genres
I love mysteries and I love young adult books, but this year, I want to challenge myself to consciously read more of a variety of genres.  I have read a number of biographies and really enjoy them; I am going to seek out more biographies and other non-fiction books.  I also love children’s literature; even though my own children are older, picture books are still enduring and fun.  I also want to revisit some of the classics.  As a former high school English teacher, I read and taught a lot of the classics, but I want to re-read them as a reader, not as someone who has to get 16-year-olds excited about them.  Hmmm . . . maybe a new take on “throwback Thursday?”

So now that I have put these down in writing, I expect you all to help hold me accountable!  Happy 2016!!  Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and book-filled new year!


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