Silver Linings

Silver Linings

Title:  Silver Linings (Rose Harbor 4)
Author:  Debbie Macomber
Publisher:  Ballantine
Publication Date:  2015
ISBN:  978-0-553-39179-4

Book Summary:
Jo Marie feels like her life might finally be moving forward.  After her husband is killed in Afghanistan, she opens the Rose Harbor Inn in Cedar Cove.  As guests come and go, Jo Marie feels that she is able to help them with their own healing and growth while hopefully doing the same for herself.  During the renovations and upkeep of the inn, Jo Marie develops a friendship with her cantankerous handyman, Mark.  Although Mark keeps his past and secrets hidden, Jo Marie feels like they have a connection.  Mark suddenly reveals that he is in love with Jo Marie and then announces he is moving away.  As Jo Marie struggles with the possibility of a new love and losing someone precious again, her moods and emotions sway from shock to anger to fear to grief.

At the same time, Coco and Katie are in Cedar Cove for their 10-year high school reunion and stay at the beautiful Rose Harbor Inn.  Both are very apprehensive about the reunion.  Coco is gathering her strength and resolve to face the boy who humiliated her and broke her heart.  She is bent on having the final say in their relationship and reveal the truth about him to all.  Katie is hoping for a chance to ask forgiveness from the boy whose heart she broke.  With the choice of continuing her relationship with James and ruining his future, or breaking his heart so that he could go on to find success, she chose the latter.  Both girls are hoping for reconciliation and forgiveness but gain something totally different.

Book Commentary:
Deborah Macomber’s Cedar Cove series was one of my favorites and I have really enjoyed this spin-off series.  These are simply “nice” – I know, don’t you hate that innocuous word – but really that is the best description.  The characters are likable and represent people you actually would like to know.  I enjoy how the cast of characters venture in and out of the stories; you might not see them for a novel or two, and then suddenly they are back.  These books represent a blend of mystery, romance, and friendship in a very heart-warming tone.

I also love that these stories are set in Washington State.  Having visited that area of the country and fallen in love with the beautiful vistas and breath-taking scenery, I enjoy reading about characters who live there.

Who might like this book:
These are great quiet books for when you don’t want anything too thought-provoking or emotionally draining.  There are 14 books in the Cedar Cove series; they are all titled by the street address of the main protagonist in that particular book.  Silver Linings is the fourth book in the Rose Harbor series.  I don’t think it is necessary to read the Cedar Cove series first; although it is very good.  I do recommend reading the Rose Harbor series in order.

The Inn at Rose Harbor
Rose Harbor in Bloom
Love Letters
Silver Linings

I also discovered while researching these books that there are three additional short stories published in ebook format.  I will definitely be checking these out as well!

Falling for Her
Lost and Found in Cedar Cove
When they First Met


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