Copy Cap Murder

Copy Cap Murder

Title:  Copy Cap Murder (Hat Shop Mysteries 4)
Author:  Jenn McKinlay
Publisher:  Penguin
Publication Date:  2016
ISBN:  978-0-425-27958-8

Book Summary:
After the humiliating discovery that her boyfriend was married and the ensuing battle that went viral online, Scarlett Parker retreated across the pond to the place of her childhood vacations.  Mim’s Whims is a hat shop in London that was run by her aunt; now that Mim is gone, Scarlett’s cousin Vivian Tremont designs the hats and Scarlett helps to run the shop.  Scarlett has been in the UK for eight months and is finally finding some normalcy to her life.  Although she has sworn off men for a year, she is struggling with the attraction of Harrison Wentworth.  As a boy, Harrison teased Scarlett but now is a respected financial consultant.  Harrison has made his feelings known and Scarlett isn’t sure she will be able to make it to the one-year mark.

Scarlett is excited to participate in the British holiday of Guy Fawkes Day for the first time and she, along with Vivian, accompany Harrison to a huge bonfire celebration at his boss’ house.  Once there, Scarlett starts to meet some of Harrison’s colleagues, including former girlfriend Tuesday Blount and rival Winthrop Dashavoy.  When Winthrop tries to be a little too friendly, Harrison defends Scarlett and fist fight ensues.  Later that evening, when the straw effigy of Guy Fawkes is being prepared to be thrown on the fire, the crowd becomes horrified to discover that “Guy Fawkes” isn’t made of straw but is actually Winthrop.  Because of their conflict since their school days and the fight that night, Harrison becomes the number one suspect.

Scarlett, Vivian, and their friends and neighbors are anxious to help clear Harrison’s name and search to find who might want Winthrop dead.  Unfortunately, the list is lengthy.  As they continue to pursue their inquiries, it becomes clear that Harrison is NOT the murderer; the real murderer however has no intention of being caught and will do anything to prevent discovery.

Book Commentary:
Jenn McKinlay writes three cozy mystery series: the Hat Shop Mysteries, the Library Lover’s Mysteries, and the Cupcake Mysteries.  I have read all the Hat Shop and Library Lover’s books and they are very enjoyable.  McKinlay does a nice job creating fun characters and unique locales for her stories.  The stories aren’t real deep but very enjoyable and so far, the plots have been believable.  I like how she has a number of series going on; none of them have the lasting potential of a detective story but they are still holding their own.

The Hat Shop setting is unique and I love all the explanations of hat couture; I had no idea!!  I am jealous of a time and place where wearing hats is the norm.  The descriptions of the hats and places where they are worn is very intriguing.  And of course, it is set in London.  Yes, I love that!

Who might like this book:
These are great for car pool lines, waiting in the doctor’s office, or any time you want a nice story that is easy to pick up and put down.  If you like the author’s style, I highly recommend her Library Lover’s mystery series as well.

Here are the books in order:
Cloche and Dagger
Death of a Mad Hatter
At the Drop of a Hat
Copy Cap Murder


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