Queries and Conundrums: The Book Funk

Book funk

Sorry about the static on the blog this past week, but I am in a kind of book funk.  Has that ever happened to you?  I usually experience it a few times a year.  It seems when I am stressed or have a lot on my mind, even my favorite pastime of reading doesn’t seem to soothe me.  What’s up with that!  Life interfering with my reading!  It isn’t that I haven’t been reading; I read three books this past week.  And it isn’t as if they were bad books, they were enjoyable reads that I finished.  They just didn’t seem to spark my excitement or leave me with that ah-feeling that I get when I’ve finished something wonderful.

Sometimes I get this way when I am overwhelmed with my to-be-read pile.  There is a fine line between having enough TBR books to survive a zombie apocalypse and so many that the pressure to make progress seems daunting.  I think I might be at the latter point here.  There is also that point of waiting in anticipation for a favorite author’s latest release.  The excitement of a sure-to-be-amazing book trumps all other books.  I sometimes find it challenging to focus on what I am reading now in my eagerness for that much awaited book.

Of course, my only way to escape from the funk is to keep reading.  I finished up three books on my TBR pile, so that is an accomplishment and I am about halfway through a fourth book . . . yeah, I read a lot.  This latest read seems to have dissipated the book funk cloud; it is the second in a series that I started a long time ago and I am reminded by what I enjoyed about the first book.  I am excited to see where the story goes and to share it with you.

I’ve also challenged myself to make a further dent in my TBR pile before I venture back to the bookstore.  It is fun to rediscover books that I was so excited about when I ordered or purchased them, but didn’t seem to get them read right away.  That is, after I finish this latest order to Amazon . . . I mean, it’s C.S. Harris’ latest!!!

How about you?  Do you get stuck in book funks, or am I the only weird one (quite possible)? How do you break free?

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