Queries and Conundrums: Help BBA!


My name is Kristin and I think I need help.  I am officially starting the first chapter of Book Buyers Anonymous.  I seriously need some intervention.  After my book funk, I took stock of the books on my to-be-read shelf.  See above – exhibit A.  I am currently reading 2 books and have 44 on my to-be-read pile and . . . husband of mine, turn away please . . . have two on order from Amazon.  I think I have a problem!!

What is it about a book that ignites such a need to own it!?  I reread the synopsis of every book on the shelf . . .  yes, I know I should be reading the books themselves . . . and I still want to read all of them!  I have 4 non-fiction books, 11 young adult books, 15 fiction books, and 14 mysteries.  Of the mysteries, two of them are part of a series that I started a while ago, two are seconds in a series, four are the first in a brand new series, and one is . . . cough, cough . . . a Christmas mystery.

There is that feeling when a new book comes out or I read the synopsis of a book, that really excites me and I just have to have it.  I think I feel I might forget about it or something.  I really have great intentions of reading everything I purchase right away, but life does interfere.  Those darn kids like to eat!  What is up with that?!  So, I have decided to make a commitment to my TBR pile.  I will stop neglecting those lovely books and dedicate the next six weeks to them.

My challenge to myself is to finish 12 books on my TBR pile by April 15.  I read fast and I read a lot; I just need to commit myself to pulling these books off the shelf to read.  One caviat though – I will not stop buying more books . . . did I mention that C.S. Harris’ newest Sebastian St. Cyr comes out tomorrow!  I will however attempt to avoid any other new purchases.  Please note the word “attempt;” this is me we are talking about!

Side note: don’t you love how I use my weights for book ends!  I am glad that something is getting good use of them!

I will keep you posted on my progress.  Anyone else out there ready to take the challenge and whittle down your own TBR pile?


2 thoughts on “Queries and Conundrums: Help BBA!

  1. gaughan1968@comcast.net

    Kristin, Won’t your trip put damper on your plans, Of course you can probably read two books on each flight. Good Luck!


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