Time to bring out the next set of holiday books!  Easter is this weekend and if you are in my family, old EB brings books, along with chocolate and eggs, in his Easter baskets.  Of course, Peter Rabbit is a family “bunny” favorite but here are four other Easter themed children’s books.

The Easter Egg Artists by Adrienne Adams
“There are Abbotts and there are Abbotts.  These Abbotts are rabbits.” And so the story begins of the Abbott family of rabbits who also happen to make the designs on Easter eggs. Father and Mother Abbott are hoping that son Orson might follow in their footsteps but he seems uninterested, until Father suggests that the car needs a paint job before their annual vacation.  Orson suggests they paint it to look like an Easter egg and he is hooked.  His painting passion leads him to decorate houses, airplanes, and even bridges.  When the family returns home, he finds his egg painting passion lies in comic Easter eggs.

This delightful story was one of my favorites as a child . . . yes, it is old.  I think it came as part of the Weekly Reader program; anyone remember that?  The pictures are simple but beautiful and the story is touching as the family bonds together while still maintaining a lot of humor and fun.

Happy Easter, Little Critter by Mercer Mayer
The Critter family’s Easter festivities, including baskets at home, church, a church picnic, and hunting for Easter eggs, are chronicled by Little Critter with his honest and entertaining narration.

My family has always loved the Little Critter books; perhaps we could relate to them so well!  In fact, when I was pregnant with my youngest, I was sure she was going to be a boy because I felt that our family truly emulated the Little Critter family.  The adorable illustrations and straight-forward story-telling of the Easter day events that are common in so many families make the reader chuckle and nod with understanding and warmth.  Best line is when Little Critter details the contents of his Easter basket and then notes, “The Easter Bunny gave my little sister the same things.  Dad says that’s so we won’t argue.”  Oh so true!!

The Best Easter Eggs Ever! By Jerry Smath
Easter Bunny invites his helpers Willa Bunny, Jellybean Bunny, and Bella Bunny to participate in an egg decorating contest.  They take their eggs out into world and visit the seashore, the forest, and the country searching for painting inspiration.  Each bunny’s eggs are so creative that Easter Bunny choose all of them to be part of the year’s holiday baskets.

I love this sweet little paperback because it talks about art and design and inspiration.  My children enjoyed reading this book and then drawing and coloring eggs to show the different things that inspired them.  I am not sure where we discovered this book but it has always been a favorite.

The Gold Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown
A little bunny is all alone until one day he discovers an egg.  He dreams of all the things that might be inside and grows very impatient for it to crack open.  Finally, it opens and a little duck comes out and neither is alone again.

Although this isn’t a traditional Easter book, it was always put this our holiday books.  I remember reading this book at a child but I didn’t make the connection that the author was the same who wrote Goodnight, Moon until I had children of my own.  The illustrations are beautiful and the story is a very simple one about friendship.  My children loved the part when the bunny tries to guess what is inside the egg.  How silly that a boy might fit!

Of course, now the Easter bunny brings slightly different books but there is always at least one in everyone’s baskets.  Other Easter favorites from your family?



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