The Paris Key

Title:  The Paris Key Author:  Juliet Blackwell Publisher:  Penguin Publication Date:  2015 ISBN:  978-0-451-47369-1 Book Summary: After her mother passed away when she was a teen, Genevieve Martin traveled to Paris to stay with her uncle Dave.  Dave is a locksmith and Genevieve spends a glorious summer learning about Paris and the art of locksmithing.  Years […]

Letters from Paris

Title:  Letters from Paris Author:  Juliet Blackwell Publisher:  Penguin Publication Date:  2016 ISBN:  978-0-451-47370-7 Book Summary: After Claire Broussard’s mother dies in a car accident when she is just an infant, and her father is deemed an unfit parent, Claire is raised by her maternal grandmother, Mammaw.  As a child when she wanted to escape […]

The Red Notebook

Title:  The Red Notebook Author:  Antoine Laurain Publisher:  Gallic Publication Date:  2014 ISBN:  978-1-908313-86-7 Book Summary: As Laure arrives home late at night, she is mugged and her purse is stolen.  Although her head was knocked against the wall, she is more distraught about the loss of her purse and all the memories . . […]