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Spellcasting in Silk (Witchcraft 7)

Title: Spellcasting in Silk (Witchcraft Mystery 7)
Author: Juliet Blackwell
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 2015
ISBN: 978-0-451-46578-8

Book Summary:
Lily Ivory is the owner of a successful vintage clothing boutique in San Francisco; Lily is also a very gifted witch. After a traumatic upbringing and incomplete education in her craft, she has finally found friends, a solid business, a budding relationship with a man named Sailor, and a place to call home. She enjoys scavenging through estate sales to discover beautiful clothing from by-gone eras. Her familiar, Oscar, is a miniature potbellied pig by day and a lovingly grotesque cross between a gargoyle and goblin by night.

Lily’s past experiences have attracted the attention of Inspector Carlos Romero of the San Francisco Police Department’s Homicide Division, and she has become an unofficial witchy consultant to the department. As her store, Aunt Cora’s Attic, is busy with customers as they search for the perfect outfit to wear to San Francisco’s upcoming Summer of Love Festival, Inspector Romero approaches Lily for help with a mysterious case. A woman jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in an apparent suicide. When her death seems to be related to a botanica in the Mission District, Lily goes to investigate. The mysterious owner is in jail, her granddaughter is missing, and a hostile spirit is wreaking havoc on the botanica.

Lily searches for the truth in a race to find the missing girl and encounters some very powerful magic that she isn’t prepared to deal with.

Book Commentary:
I have read all the Lily Ivory books and I really enjoy them. They don’t fall into my definition of fluff mystery, so if you aren’t interested in magic and paranormal, they might not be for you. Although the plots of the mysteries are fine, I read them because I love the characters. They are diverse and quirky and people I don’t meet in my normal everyday life. Because of their uniqueness, I am drawn to their adventures and experiences. I also love that the book is set in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities. Readers who are familiar with the city may enjoy the references to places and events.

Who might like this book:
These are paranormal mysteries, which don’t appeal to everyone. I do enjoy the paranormal story, as long as it isn’t too scary!, and this series is one the better ones I have read. The plot lines and characters have definitely grown and developed over the course of the seven books, and some of them are better than others. I would, as always, recommend that they are read in order. They stand alone as a story, but I think they work a lot better as a continuing adventure saga. The author Juliet Blackwell has also written the Haunted Home Renovation series, although I haven’t been able to get into those as much.

Here are the books in order:
Secondhand Spirits
A Cast-off Coven
Hexes and Hemlines
In a Witch’s Wardrobe
Tarnished and Torn
A Vision in Velvet