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Completely Clementine (Clementine Book 7)

Title: Completely Clementine (Clementine Book 7)
Author: Sara Pennypacker
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Publication Date: 2015
ISBN: 978-142312358-3

Book Summary:
Clementine is having a rough time.

It is the end of third grade and she isn’t happy about leaving her teacher. She worries that she hasn’t learned enough and won’t be prepared for fourth grade. But mainly, she really doesn’t like to say good-bye.

Her dad ate meatloaf and she isn’t happy about him going against her vegan rule. No one else in the family eats meat; why should her dad? She leaves him pictures with sad cows and frightened pigs. And . . . she isn’t talking to him . . . for many days and hours! She’s Clementine; of course, she’s counting.

Her mom is having a baby and she isn’t happy about the family not being ready. Her mom is going on a mad nesting craze and cleaning everything in sight. Clementine is worried that the baby will be a dud and have no personality, and worst of all, they can’t agree on any names!

Luckily, Clementine has her best friend Margaret, her cat Moisturizer, and even her little brother named Corn or Asparagus or Green Bean, depending on the day, to help her out.

Book Commentary:
These might be some of my all-time favorite middle grade age books. Clementine is a delight and although she often does the wrong things, they are always done for the right reasons. This lovely series is laugh-out-loud while still being very touching and sweet. She is quirky and looks at the world in a wondrous way; middle school age children will enjoy the humor and appreciate her view of the world. As she tells her brother when they are making their parents’ anniversary card, if their mom and dad hadn’t met, they would be extinct!

These are great read-aloud books to younger children and also good for moderate level readers. Amazon identifies them as Grades 2-4. The simple pen and ink drawings help the story along and are just as delightful as the story itself. My middle-schooler and high-schooler still have to read the newest Clementine book when it comes out because we all have become so attached to the characters.

Who might like this book:
This the seventh book in the series and I highly recommend starting at the beginning. These are wonderful read-aloud books although be warned that there will need to be many pauses for laughter. I read these books aloud to my children when they were younger and now, even though they are all past the reading level, they still have to read each new one as they come out.

Make sure you start at the beginning to enjoy all of Clementine’s adventures:
The Talented Clementine
Clementine’s Letter
Clementine, Friend of the Week
Clementine and the Family Meeting
Clementine and the Spring Trip