What do I read?

I read a lot of mysteries and young adult literature.  I have been huge fan of mysteries since my Trixie Belden days; I mean who didn’t think Jim was dreamy!  Since then, I have expanded to read cozy mysteries, thriller mysteries, romantic mysteries, and my favorite, historical mysteries.  Much of this blog will be devoted to different mysteries and mystery series.

I also enjoy young adult literature.  Partly, because I have young adults in my house.   I like to know what they are reading.  I did a great deal of theater in younger days and I always loved doing children’s theater.  Children let you know right away if they enjoy the show or not and the performers must get right into the show or lose their audience; young adult literature does the same thing.

I will read poetry, non-fiction, popular fiction, and so on; I read what interests me.  Maybe, some of what I read will interest you as well.

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  1. Mikell

    Dear Krisitin, my daughter LOVES to read and so do I. I love the idea of having a Mother/Daughter “book club”. Thank you for sharing yourself!!

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