Who am I?

My name is Kristin and I’m a mom, a wife, a former teacher, a volunteer, an organizer extraordinaire, a writer, and a reader.  Reading to me makes everything else possible, enjoyable, and sometimes, bearable.  My entire life, I have had my nose stuck in a book.  As a child, my parents always read to me.  As a teen,  I spent my babysitting money on books.  As a college student, I allowed myself 15 minutes (okay, 30 minutes) of fun reading to every hour of studying.  As a high school English teacher, I read lots of popular fiction in an attempt to find a meaningful link to classic literature in an effort to engage my students.  As a new mom, I read while nursing and have continued to read to my children daily.  Now that they are teens, we read the same things and discuss and debate about what we read.  I read in carpool lines, I read while waiting for the dryer to finish, I read while waiting for water to boil, I read for a few minutes of me time.

As friends and family know that I am an avid reader, I am often asked for suggestions.  This blog allows me to share some of my thoughts on what I have read.  As every reader is unique, the purpose of this blog to share my thoughts and perspective rather than to criticize or critique.

In an attempt to get just a few more minutes of reading time, my entire life I have said, “Give me one more chapter.”  One more chapter and then I will clean my room; one more chapter and I will make dinner; one more chapter and I will go to bed; one more chapter and I will drive you to practice.  This blog is my way to share what I have read . . . just give me one more chapter.

2 thoughts on “Who

  1. Your Littlest Reader

    You rock mom!!! I love you very much so keep reading, writing, and being a great mom to furry folk and earthlings (well. . . .)! 😀



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